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Battery level using Shield controller on windows?

Hi LTT forum members, I am wondering if anyone know of a way to see battery level  of a shield controller ver. 2017 on windows 10?I picked this controller up as a open box discount a year ago and been using it a lot on PC. It would be nice to know the battery level as im playing and when to disconnect from charging.  I tried so far a app called gamepad monitor battery and game bar. I did spend a good time reading on this matter and im not the only person that wants this.  


4790k @ 4.8ghz  (EVGA CLC 360MM) | 32GB Patriot Viper Extreme @2200mhz | Asus Z97-DELUXE Cooler Master H500M.| EVGA RTX 2080 Super XC Ultra gamingEVO 850 M.2 120GB for Win 10                           Silicon Power 120GB for Hackintosh 


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