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Problem leds motherboard


I have a very rare problem, when I turn off my PC the LEDs on the motherboard do not stay on and before if they did, if I turn off the PC from electricity and reconnect electricity, the LEDs stay on with the PC turned off,  But if I turn on the computer and turn it off normally they don't stay on, what can it be?


z390 designare0FEFF526-5336-411A-91CB-4F680C3EB121.jpeg.fadcc2b1b6c25ab6ef37ee855c13c4ff.jpeg


pc shutdown normal





C316D349-303F-46BC-8E3B-15EB5D8D7709.thumb.jpeg.236675d8aafbfdd63ef62238146ea589.jpegPc disconnect and reconect electri

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