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LL120 RGB issues

A few days ago I installed 3 LL120 Corsair Fans and they worked perfectly for the first day, but when I turned my pc back on the next morning, the fans were a different color than what I had them set to on IQUE. I tried re arranging the the fans in the Lighting Node Pro, and it only turned the fans completly off. I've been trying several solutions and I haven't come to any solution yet. I believe this is A Mystic Light problem, as basically make the same thing happen to my Corsair keyboard, I can turn it off through Mystic Light, try and change the settings and IQUE and the keyboard wont change, I just cant find my fans in Mystic Light, so maybe my analysis is wrong, or maybe I'm just to dumb to find the fan effects in Mystic light. Any help at all would be extremly helpful, as this has been driving me up the wall for the past couple of days, I had this beautiful RGB build and now all i have is just some of my motherboard lights on. Like I said anything will help, and if you need screenshots or any extra information, please dont be afraid to ask, I just want my PC to look great again.

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