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ASUs 2070 super + Corsair waterblock problems


Hi all. 

I recently build new computer.


asus 570f gaming motherboard

ryzen 3700x 

corsair 32gb vengence ram

asus 2070 super gfx card

its all water cooled but I got issue with the gfx card. 
gfx works on stock air cooler supplied by ASUs. Been working 3 days so I thought now it working I’ll pop the waterblock on. Put waterblock on its Corsair hydro x filled system power up stuck on white vga light on motherboard. So I drained it. Swapped the air cooler back on which Powered up and it worked first time but it will not work with waterblock on? Am I missing something obvious here or is there issue with the waterblock, it’s plugged into my commander pro and rgb works, but won’t power up for some reason on waterblock and am stuck 


many thanks 


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