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Lost spanned volume


In my PC i had a spanned volume composed of 2x6TB HDD and 2x4TB they where simple spanned drive, so on windows i see only 1 big 20TB (theoretical)

I used the drive to store a backup copy of my blu ray (and to watch them without using the actual disk), so i just start to say there are not important stuff on them, i can redo everything again, but it took very long time.

Everything worked fine since day1, running on windows pro x64 1909

I also had other drive plugged in the PC, like one M.2 for game and one HDD for work document.


Now i had the (now i say bad) idea to format the OS, so i plugged in the windows 10 USB (made with windows media creation tool) and reinstalled the same OS (win 10 x64 1909), i have not opened the case and plugged/unplugged anything.

Now i have my PC, with OS perfectly working, all disk present in same position BUT the spanned volume are gone. 


I attach 3 screenshot:

- One is from Windows Disk Manager, it detect the 4 disk but say they are external dynamic with 0mb of space

- One is from AOMEI DDM and it show the disk spanned with correct size (the total capacity is wrong at 36,96TB), is like if it detect they are spanned volume but on status show failed

- One is from Acronis True Image (the software i use for daily backup), i tried to see if it detect the drive and it actually does, it detect the spanned volume, the correct size and what looks like a very plausible used space. Now i don't have the space to do a backup, but if it detect the dynamic volume, the space and the volume name i can think is not everything lost.


There is some way to save the data on the HDD?


I forgot to add i don't remember what program i used to made the spanned volume, but could be only Windows Disk manager (if it can do it) of the Aomei DDM


Acronis True Image.jpg


Windows Disk Manager.jpg



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