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Rx 580 crashing in 3d mode


Hello Everyone, Im having a Slightly unique problem with my Rx580. MSI RX 580 8GB Armor to be exact.

I was slicing a model for 3d printing in Chitubox and my whole PC crashes to a brown screen, Chitubox is hardly demanding but lightly 3d.

It took a few power cycles to get my PC to turn back on when it did ,crashed in the same way upon loading a slightly 3d background from wallpaper engine. Next round I killed wallpaper engine and got her back on Tried slicing again to the same result. Got her running again and...

It sat running overnight and was fine all night. In the morning I went to play Dusk Diver and same crash. Getting harder to restart the PC each time.

Im a system builder and i dont normally get stumped. I reseated the card, i reseated my ram, i tried all the tricks.

I went and reset Adrenaline and drivers, fresh install and turned off and 3d programs tried to the same result of failure.

  Fortunately I'm in the mist of another build for a friend so I pulled it card, another RX580 a Gigabyte Gaming Windforce 8gb. I sliced, played Dusk Diver,I danced and sang, everything worked as expected without any hitches. SO problem sovled right?

Well sure but i would like to know if there is anything to fix on my old rx 580 ive only have it about 2 years and it has played hundreds of hours of gaming like Monster Hunter and other highly intense games.

It seems so weird it would die while running a lightweight program like Chitubox.

What happened is there anything to look for? Anything to fix or sell it for parts and buy a another card instead?

I know there are better cards on the market but this one was working just fine.


System is made up of:

less than a year old parts

Ryzen 5 2600,

WD M.2 Black 1TB w/o cooler (the board has a cooler fin for it)

Noctua low profile CPU cooler

be quiet 120mm system fan

Gigabyte B450 Arorus I WIFI Micro ITX

G.skill ram 3000mhz speed, no RGB, dont remember exact modules

Pnanteks NeonRGB 400mmX4 lighting the front of the case.


about 2 years old

MSI Armor RX580 8GB. The card has a modded cooling system, a Arctic Turbo III which keeps it frosty cold and quiet.

Corsair xtm50 paste


parts that are 3 years plus

3 different WD HHD's equaling 12 TB of additional storage and back ups

Seasonic gold+ 700 semi modular

Gaamestorm Tristeller case which has been modded to be mostly open air especially the GPU and sits high up on over my monitor.

and plenty of Anime and Darkstalkers characters all up in it.





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