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Asrock z87 extreme4 not recognizing keyboard

Hello, I just installed a Z87 extreme4 from Asrock. I used to have an H87 Fatal1ty with my i5 4690k. First problem is the i7 4790k I bought for it won't post. Dr debug says 00 so I read it could be a bios problem. But with my i5 its fine. But.... I can't get passed the bios loading because it says I need to put in the time. But it won't recognize my keyboard on any USB ports. Dr debug says d7 (keyboard/mouse) i have been searching Google for 3 hours without success. 

Things I've tried. 

Reset cmos

Remove cmos battery 

All usb ports with 4 different keyboards

Switch the jumper to bios B

Hold the power button in to get into bios without a keyboard. 

All with no success. I

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you 

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