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    Airsoft, Cosplay, Video Games, PC Building, Motorcycle riding on and off road.
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    Motorcycle Mechanic


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    Intel i5 4690k OCed to 4.2ghz
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    Asrock Fatal1ty H87 Performance
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    16gb Gskill RipjawsX
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    MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr
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    Sharkoon VG5-W
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    1.5TB HDD, 250gb Samsung 850 evo
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    I-Tech Coba Nitrox 600W IT7600SG
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    Telefunken LCD TV
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    Master cooler hyper 212 LED
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    Sharkoon Nightwriter
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    Medion Erazer X81026
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    Philips 5.1 receiver (HTR 5000)
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    Win 7 64 bit

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  1. I am sorry for reviving this thread but I figured it's better than creating a new one. I also have this card. Playing Warzone I have everything on high, no ultra. Setting the fps in WZ to 144 it would get hot. Junction temp between 80-105°C fan curve very agro, above 75° 100%. No over clock at all. If I put the fps to 100 everything is fine. My case is a Cooler master MC500 with 4 140mm fans. 1 CM fan in the rear, 1 CM and 1 be quiet 140 high speed up front and 1 140mm BQ high speed up top. Is it just a bad cooler? Can it be swapped? I am seriously thinking of g
  2. Hello, I just found something interesting on ebay. A Intel Xeon Phi 5110P 60-Core 1.053GHz Coprocessor. . . OK. What is it and does it have a use in a Gaming Machine? I am not going to buy it but I thought it looked cool and I have no idea what it is really for.
  3. I bought an R9 270x for 56€ and I was also thinking about a Ryzen build. I found a Ryzen 5 1400 + AB350 Gaming 3 MB for 140€ I would just need to get some DDR4 ram
  4. PSU I have a few here that are pretty good and with PCIe connectors. The only reason it has 4gb of ram now is because the CPU can't support more. I will add at least 8gb if not 16gb. He would probably like to play some games. nothing top tier but Minecraft and so would be cool. He likes RTS games and so. Right now I downloaded Doom (1993), Fallout 3, Diablo 2 and Starcraft. Some of the older games are still great ones. An SSD is definitely being put in. and Worst case I still have my old Q9300 C2Q system which He might get anyway. I really love collecting older tech and still having them run
  5. Hello everyone. I just built a PC (Got the parts for free) for my Son. It is an Athlon 64 x2 4800+ (I know ancient) it has 4gb DDR2 and an Asus 560ti. It actually runs good with a fresh Win 7 64 bit. There are a few PCs local for sale that are better but I was wondering if they are even worth it. I found a complete system with an i5 750, Asus P7P55 LX, 4gb ddr3 1333, 1TB hhd, ATI Radeon HD5770 and an LC Power LC6550. All for 100€. If I get it I will add the 560ti or a 760 (all stuff I already have) and add an SSD with 128gb. Is it worth the 100€? Also locally is an i
  6. The header it is plugged into is not a temp regulated one. It's just, on. And when the original fan is in, it doesn't spin at all. I didn't check output voltages yet. I decided to use another PSU until I knew it was ok and safe.
  7. Just to be safe I installed a 3 pin 140mm fan and will attach it to a MB Header. Better safe than sorry. Afaik they have a low noise mode but not Zero RPM.
  8. I am exactly that. I have nearly 20 years Experience 110v, 230v and 12/24v systems. But thank you for being concerned.
  9. Hello and good day. I have a Cougar CMX 550w. The PSU starts up but the fan does not spin. When I test the fan with a 12v bench supply it spins up fine. Is this normal? I thought it would at least spin up at start and then slow down and adjust for load. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Yes it is old. but who cares. If you take care of them they will last a long time. My old system with a Q9300 and GTX 760 are still running fine. But I have noticed unless I have the best most newest stuff I'm just being insulted here.
  11. It still runs fine and it was an old system from a friend and it was free. He just wants something for older games. Minecraft, WoT, and so play fine. It would be his first pc do it doesn't need to be top of the line. It just needs to work for school stuff.
  12. Hello I am building a budget build for my son. Athlon 64 x2 and a gtx 560ti. I found a thermaltake psu but I'm not sure. Toughpower Qfan 500w. PSH500V-D and the TR2 S 80+