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Monitor choosing help


TLDR; Both monitors seem to have good input lag and response times, I play competitive R6seige and want to get the best for my rig. I hit around 200fps. What’s best recommended between these two monitors for gaming?

ASUS VG248QG 144hz

HP OMEN X25F 240hz

(I’m not sure how to make this the most efficient use of monitors unless I hit a stable 240 FPS, but if the input lag is worth it, I want to get it. More info in brief description at the end of post)


After searching rtings.com, pcmonitor.info, and tftcentral.com, I’ve found two monitors but I’m not sure what’s best.

(links for stats on input lag incase anyone understands them better than me).

Ive learned this is important for getting the best responses out of your movements so I want to make sure I’m getting the best I can for the value.






(This one says input lag is much faster than rtings review???)

I usually get 200fps in game with my i5 9400f and rtx 2060, I want to get the best for my dollar so I wanted to see what the community thinks between these two, also to see if the input lag is worth it for me to buy the twice as expensive monitor? I also don’t know how the monitor would perform if I capped it at 144hz in case I can’t get a stable 240fps.


I'm new to all of this and I keep finding new answers everytime I look so I hope my narrowing of these two can finally put my questions to rest. I don’t mind paying more if it helps.


(I have asked similar questions before this so I apologize for the repeat, I just wanted a solid comparison between these two in particular)

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