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Tablet Suggestions

Hey there,


I'm looking for tablet suggestions. Use case: my 2 year old to watch netflix, disney +, plex, etc. Currently using a Fire Tablet, but the lack of android play means that I can't install spotify for kids, youtube for kids or set up any kind of family link (I know she is 2, and right now it's a distraction device when me or my wife need to get on with some stuff like tidying, cooking, etc, but she'll no doubt be using it when she's older and there ain't no way I want her to have unfettered access to the internet).


So, it doesn't need to be clever, but I would like it to be able to handle the following:

* being cleaned with a wet wipe after having porridge spread all over the screen

* being splashed with water

* being dropped from a not so great height

* having a lot of grubby finger prints on it and still being a half decent viewing experience

* bluetooth capabilities for headphones

* quick at loading apps when she's crying up a storm

* being compatible with some kind of case which has a kick stand

* vaguely decent built in speaker

* you know, kid proof...

* not so expensive that we cry when it is inevitably broken

* access to the google play store and be relatively recent native android with no bloat


But seriously, quick at loading apps when she's throwing a tantrum would be awesome!


I'd also love to see a video of a range of tablets put through this kind of test,


Thanks in advance,




edit: Also needs to be available in the UK


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Just now, UNIVERSAL.IT said:

Samsung - Galaxy Kids Tab E Lite - 7" - 8GB - White

It is currently $79 at bestbuy you can buy a child proof case.


As for speed make sure you don't use more than 80% of its capacity,

or it will start slowing down as for speed. You can download parental apps on android also.


Sorry, my other use case is UK. I'll check amazon for this one though! Thanks for the suggestion!

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2 minutes ago, Darkseth said:

There are ways to install the Play store / Google Services to the Fire Tablet^^ 
Hope that helps: https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/

I would try that, before you spend extra Money

Otherwise, you can always get the App you need from apkmirror (you will just need to update it manually, but that shouldn't be an issue)

Tempting, I'll have a look and see what I think of this route. Trying to decide if I want the hassle of getting it setup and working. Thanks

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