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Replace CPU or buy new MB/CPU?

Need some feedback/advice.

For some, this would be a no brainier, but I still have my doubts.

My specs are:
Intel 6950X
Asus Rampage V Extreme
G.Skill 2800 DDR4 64GB
1500W Corsair PSU

Long story short, the pump on my water cooling solution failed (H110i) and the cpu died swiftly after that.
I tested the MB, RAM, etc. (with a borrowed cpu) and everything works fine, only the cpu died.

So, I can replace the CPU for about $1500 (new) and be done with it,
I can go for a maximus xi hero, 9900k, 32GB g.skill 3200 ddr4 and a kraken x62 wc for $1200

I know i can get a used 6950x on ebay for about $700-750, but I'm always distrustful of used items of this kind, and I rather get em new and with some kind of warranty.

I use this rig mainly for rendering/adobe suite workloads and for gaming on my spare time.

Please leave your thoughts. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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You could reuse the RAM.


Go for the 9900K, or if you want value go for a used Xeon...


LGA chips rarely break, plus you have eBay's money back guarantee.

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First and foremost I would contact Intel about getting a replacement CPU. A CPU should not be allowed to fail due to poor cooling, it should shut itself down. Intel CPU's have a 3 year warranty iirc so look into that.


As for new hardware, I would shoot for the 9900k setup. You get more performance out of a lower cost setup, plus you can sell your old motherboard to make some of that money back. You won't need to buy new ram as both platforms are DDR4, but if you want faster ram, sell your old stuff and buy new stuff.



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2700x OC'd and watercooled would compete with that for a fraction of the $

Bench comparison

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