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Lian Li O11 Dynamic Airflow Questions


Case: Lian Li O11 Dynamic

AIO: AlphaCool EisBaer Extreme

Chip/mobo: 8700k / Asus Z370-E

side fans: Corsair LL130 x3

bottom fans: Bequiet Silent Wings 3 high speed x3


Notes: the EisBaer Extreme is DUMB big. It will only fit at the top in one direction so it’s either it’s current config or pull/exhaust or I can pull it apart and flip the fans for push/intake. It’s 2x 140 silent wind 3s.




The current setup is EisBaer Extreme pull exhaust, LL120s intake side and silent winds intake bottom. E1D17CC0-C793-442C-9ADA-3D155193CBF9.thumb.jpeg.f4c5e9b0bf5346628374e69816c2a760.jpeg


I do do have a vertical GPU mount now because the 1080ti FTW3 won’t let me put the glass of the Lian Li O11 on with the 2 8pin power leads on it. :( Well it does but it pushes down on the board and that’s bad m’kay. 




Right now now it’s a very positive pressure system and I’m thinking about a rethink. However since I like ideas I ask y’all. 



My 8700k can get to upper 80s low 90s under load (prime95 etc) at 4.8 ghz and I want to take advantage of the beast cooler and see if I can improve. Yes I could just do it but then I can’t show pretty pictures of my wares. ? The 1080ti in this config sits nice at about 65c at +60 core and +150 memory OC under load. 


I’m just looking for ideas to improve thermals. The only thing I can think of is to do the forbidden thing of having the EisBaer pull in cooler outside air in from the top through the rad, have the silent winds pull in outside air from the bottom then have the LL120s take all the warm nasty naughty air and blast it out the side. Only concern is will the hot hair blasting out the side get just pulled right back in through the top? Is that inconsequential? Have people tested if this worth trying or crap? Are there other ideas out there to consider? If this is as good as I’m gonna get and my ideas are dumb then I won’t waste the time trying. So laziness is a factor. ?


Thanks in advance!






ps. Yes I have RGB power extensions. Don’t judge me. Also posted this exact post at tom’s hardware to maximize replies.

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