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I want to replace gdm3 with sddm PLEASE HELP ?

i want to replace gdm3 with the Simple Desktop Display Manager


(SDDM) on ubuntu 24.04lts as iv some on going boot / crash login loops with lightdm


  for sddm
  following these steps how an what should input correctly to the file at the end of step 1
 1. Install and Configure

Initially, to install SDDM, we use apt:

$ apt-get install sddm

Then, we ensure it’s selected as the current DM with dpkg-reconfigure:

$ dpkg-reconfigure sddm

Usually, the configuration file is /etc/sddm.conf:


$ cat /etc/sddm.conf


Here, we replace the USERNAME and DENAME with the appropriate user and desktop environment names.

In addition, /usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d/ and /etc/sddm.conf.d/ may also contain settings.




i run ubutnu 24.04lts on wayland with gdm3 & the ubuntu-advantage-desktop-daemon which of those names goes in the DENAME slot

& is anything suppose to go in the [...] brackets


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Have you disabled gdm and enabled sddm? There should be no reason to edit any config file.


sudo systemctl disable gdm

sudo systemctl enable sddm



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