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Upgrading from 1803 to 1809.


Hi, recently i purchased a "Vr ready" cyberpower gmaing pc to be more specific this one - 


When i powered on the computer how ever it turned out to be completely fake. In order to install the Windows Mixed Reality Vr Portal I need to have 1809 or better installed. Every time I run the update tool, it download's the update and runs its process, but near the end it comes to a point were it gets stuck at this screen, only with the dotted circle loading animation working, and it stuck at 81%. I know its stuck because iv'e left the computer on overnight nearly over 10 hour's "updating" and it kept the same 81% all 10 hour's. I need help upgrading my computer so i can use it for what i purchased it for. 


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Do you have all of your data backed up?

Would you be able to follow a guide on how to wipe the PC clean if needed?


My first suggestion would be to download an ISO from Microsoft and try upgrading from that.

This can be done by using a User Agent Switcher in your browser (Chrome of FF) and setting it to Linux.

This will get you an ISO file instead of the media creation tool. You'd simply double click it to mount it, then run the setup.exe.


If it still fails, then use said ISO to make a bootable USB and wipe it clean.

Can provide steps if needed.

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