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Current limit throttling that disappears with sleep

Hello Everyone,
I have been experiencing this issue ever since i bought my new laptop. It is a dell latitude e6440 with i7- 4610M(3.0Ghz up to 3.6Ghz) . I noticed when underheavy cpu load the frequency max out at 3Ghz sometimes even lower with temps and power being excellent.
Using intel XTU i discovered that it is current limit throttling. The problem always disappears (stable at 3.59Ghz and I can even overclock to 4.0Ghz) after waking up from sleep and reappear after a shutdown and sometimes after a restart.
Any suggestions how i can fix this? as going to sleep each time I boot is pretty annoying.
XTU doesnt to report/change the current limit here. 
I have already tried flashing older bios versions no luck there.
Thank you. :)

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