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Win10 on Domain - Multiple Logins


Hello all, I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet.


The issue I'm having is this.


I have multiple users within my domain, One or more of my users will leave for lunch and I'll need to do something on their computers, however they do not log out of their user accounts they simply lock them by either walking away or performing Win+L Key command.



Lets say Marry is logged on, leave for lunch, doesn't log off and I need to get on the computer to clean it or whatever task is needed.


I cannot log on because she is, but I can just reboot her computer because she may lose vital sensitive information that has taken her hours to fix and setup.


However when I do try to login with my Administration Credentials, I'm not able to log on at all, All you will is the balls spinning constantly, the username says "Other User" and below that it says  "Welcome".


At this point I now have no choice but to reboot their system because they can't log on either for it is in a eternal loop of trying to log me in, While Marry is logged in.



Does anyone know of, or can direct me to a resource that can help me resolve this? I've Googled it,YouTubed it, to no avail, I even went to an old IT Director of mine and he believes it could be a group policy that is turned on.. However I've been looking through to try and find the name of the Policy to no luck. I've also tried to verify it. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it.

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Roaming profiles needs to be setup in Active Directory to allow you to have multiple users logged in at the same time. 

PSU Tier List Thread | Community Standards | Fan Control Software

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Each user profile has their own Roaming Profile already setup and configured. And I'm no seeing any corrupted profiles or anything, I've even double check Group Policy, and its been a mind bender

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