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pc acts WIIIERD.


got back from a 2 month in Canada!

started my pc and i noticed it acts weird.

so i reinstalled windows and the weirdness is still there...

wan i say weird i mean....weird stutter at random points...

sometimes i cant right click on stuff and stuff like that....or some programs wont open

and some progrems even just go unresponsive...

some games running bad...they never did too bad i mean i enver had 200fps but stuff like rianbow ran at a solid 144 with this pc and now i get 60-70.

and weirdest is i had it oc at stable 4ghz all cores and it randomly now goes under to 2.2ghz on some cores...

seems to happen after i updated the bios....

any clue how to fix it?

should i go back 1 bios back maybe thats the cause?


got a 

1920x (running on idle 35c and only going up to around 70c)

asus x399 prime a

16gb ram

gtx 1080


cpu: TR 1920

mobo: asus prime x399-a

gpu: 3090 FE (yes bottle neck but got it under msrp cant cry about it in this times!)

ram: 32gb G.SKILL Trident Z 3200 c14

psu: Antec HCP1300w Platinum (overkill i know...got it for a good price)


thats all needed right?...i didnt study for this exam....


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