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1 bluetooth controller, shared by multiple computers


Hey guys, so I'm fairly new to using a controller via bluetooth, and I'm wondering... is there an easier way that I just don't know about to sharing 1 controller between multiple PCs.
Im not saying use a controller on multiple computers at the same time. What Im saying is there another/better way to reconnect to a controller, if it was last used by a different device.
At the moment, if I last used it on my desktop, and I want to use it in my laptop, I have to go into my laptop, control panel, Devices and Printers and 'remove device' to remove the previous entry of the controller, then click 'Add bluetooth device'.

Maybe its just me but the whole 'Remove device' part feels wrong. It feels like I'm missing some menu somewhere...
Like on my Android phone I don't need to remove my bluetooth speaker from a list just because my dad was the last person to connect to it. I just have to have sure the speaker is on (and is in pairing mode), and click on it. Bam no removing devices, and adding new device, no needing to change the name of it so I know the difference between mine, and my dad's  exc.
On my Steam Link, I just need to put the controller in pairing mode, and click 'Connect' on the list of bluetooth devices. No need to remove the controller, and readd it.

Uhhh side note: I am using Windows 7.

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