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  1. So I ordered this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KD6SPLW/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza I asked if it was safe to use liquid metal compounds on it, but Amazon removed my question, so I ask here, can I safely use liquid metal with this thing?
  2. My Core I7 860 is idling at 80C and I need a cooler to replace the stupid stock cooler to buy some time until I have the cast to upgrade my pc, would also be nice if I could overclock it for once without the temps turning into a mini sun. Edit: What I mean is, I've looked for months and haven't found anything, either it's not the right socket or it's ambiguous, so I'd be glad if someone would tell me about a cooler that can handle this
  3. The board I have doesn't really allow me to overclock, most if not all the important bits are locked and cause any attempt to overclock to become unstable
  4. So I have a core i7 860, I want to update the pc but don't have a ton of cash, is the ASUS P7P55D-E worth the price to be able to keep some of the stuff in the system? currently it's running on an old Asustek p7h55-m lx with 8gbs of old very slow low density ddr3 ram. Is the savings worth it or should I just save even more and update the entire thing to a new platform?
  5. Just finished a system scan, didn't find anything, laptop has been on for a while, so maybe it's fixed itself
  6. not sure about cpu usage since it opens suddenly, and in the command prompt. only thing that opens are random comand promp windows
  7. I have a latitude e4310 and recently the shutdown.exe command has been running randomly on it's own, it may have something to do with thermals, but it didn't do it in safe mode, so I think a program is constantly activating it. Is there a way to stop this from happening, I was thinking of coding a basic program that looks for the command running and closing it, possible or not?
  8. What cpu would be a good match for a 1650 super? My current rig is a core i7 860 with 8 gigs of low density ddr3, I would like to find an upgrade for less than $350.
  9. The original psu was an ancient 400w, with no pcie power cables, I bought an EVGA 600W PSU recently, that's where the metal braid is.
  10. Some dude from Craigslist, I think it might've been a prebuilt, but have no idea.
  11. Was an hour before I found the cable touching this tiny part on the board, moved it turned the pc on...and voila working pc Why TF do they put metal braiding on the cables, they could've used anything else, nylon, rubber...etc
  12. If your PC is in a boot loop, check the cables from the PSU, some of them (like mine) have a metalic braid on it, and if your case doesn't have room for cable management (or you're just lazy) the cable can touch the motherboard and cause a short.
  13. I found the oc options in the bios, increased the clock by 10, and now XTU shows it doesn't drop bellog 3Ghz
  14. After some testing, it's so locked down that not even Intel XTU can do anything