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  1. The original psu was an ancient 400w, with no pcie power cables, I bought an EVGA 600W PSU recently, that's where the metal braid is.
  2. Some dude from Craigslist, I think it might've been a prebuilt, but have no idea.
  3. Was an hour before I found the cable touching this tiny part on the board, moved it turned the pc on...and voila working pc Why TF do they put metal braiding on the cables, they could've used anything else, nylon, rubber...etc
  4. If your PC is in a boot loop, check the cables from the PSU, some of them (like mine) have a metalic braid on it, and if your case doesn't have room for cable management (or you're just lazy) the cable can touch the motherboard and cause a short.
  5. I found the oc options in the bios, increased the clock by 10, and now XTU shows it doesn't drop bellog 3Ghz
  6. After some testing, it's so locked down that not even Intel XTU can do anything
  7. I was wondering if there's a way to overclock my core i7 860. My motherboard is an Asus P7H55-M LX.
  8. I'd need to save for a while anyway, and was wanting to upgrade to the new ones.
  9. What would you suggest upgrading to at a minimum?
  10. I've been gradually upgrading this pc, I just upgraded to a GTX 1650 Super 4GB, and an EVGA 600W PSU. I haven't upgraded the Mobo yet, it is an Asus P7H55-M LX, I got a core i7 860 off of Ebay. I wanna know if upgrading to an RTX 3070 would be a good idea, or if I should save to upgrade my platform first.
  11. Does anyone have suggestions for a good wireless rechargeable mouse and keyboard for under $50?
  12. I was thinking that theoretically it would eventually hit a point where windows was the limit, and it just couldn't read fast enough.
  13. Is there ever a point where the size of an SSD makes it as slow or slower than a HDD? Like say 20TB of storage completely filled up.
  14. Unfortunately I have a rather strong sense of smell, imagine how bad milk smells to me...speaking from recent experience, was chocolate milk.