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I need your guys help with my ISP in Pakistan

Frozen Nova

I live in Pakistan and my ISP throttles my connection to the extreme 24/7.
I've complained over 10 days ago and recently got a message that the internet has been improved, but still no improvement.
People in my area report good connections and the 4G signals on my device are full, my 3G phone internet easily gets 7mbps.
It's ridiculous, I can't even watch 144p YouTube videos most of the time.
Just checked twitter, here is the most recent reply I got back from them.
"Hi. We have thoroughly checked your complaint and did the best we can for now. Site servicing your area is working at its full capacity but still you can face some issues. However, we are in process to improve our network & hope to see enhanced internet speeds in near future."
This would not explain how people next door to me using the same device and others around me have no issues.
They're trying to say it's some connection issue, but by the results I've had for over 10 days you can see it's an obvious throttling issue.
I was hoping you guys could retweet or comment on my twitter post to hopefully get the ISP to actually do something.
The internet is what I spend most of day using, so it's quite a big deal to me.
I'd greatly appreciate you assistance.
Here's a screenshot of my recent speedtests.
My twitter post
P.S. After just replying to their newest tweet my connection is constantly dropping.


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