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Replacing old 3770K system


Hello all,


I have as my main rig a now six years old machine which has been through four a lot (at least if you look at the case). The current setup is pretty much as follows:


I7-3770K @4.4Ghz

Asus P8Z77-V

4x4GB 1600Mhz DDR3


Bunch of hdds and ssds for storage.


Now the problem is, I have hit some problems with both the single core performance as well as multicore performance.


Mostly the machine is used for gaming (Paradox map games, so single core important), programming, photo editing and 3d modelling. 


I have been planning on buying a new machine, but the price of ram is over the top at the moment. I have been thinking about the following build to replace my aging one.


pcpartpicker.com link


On the other hand I could try to squeeze more juice out of my current CPU or wait for Ryzen 3000 series to be released.


If I were to buy the rig now, would the linked one be good? One option would be to get I5-9600K as 9700 doesn't have that much more bang and I believe that even that one would be quite a boost compared to my current one.


I'm located in Finland so everything is expensive here.

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