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VGA light stays on with GPU in


After playing a bit of PUBG on my new system, my GPU fans went crazy and my screen went black. Now whenever I try to start up my new system WITH ANY GPU in it, the VGA light remains on and the system will not start, but I tested my GPU with my old mobo and CPU and it worked perfectly normally. I have seen some other threads but nothing solving this particular issue. BIOS is version is 0602 (the latest), all drivers etc are completely up to date, I have tried booting with 1 ram stick in slot A2 and no drives, I have tried a different PSU, I have made sure my CPU is seated correctly, Used a completely different GPU, and now I'm stuck. I'm pretty sure it is either a mobo or CPU issue. Does anyone know a way find out if it is the mobo or CPU or if I will be able to fix this (maybe in like bios settings or something), without me having to buy a new CPU or MOBO.  I am currently still using the PC, just without a GPU, so its only a problem when a GPU is placed in the pc (but the problem is not with the gpu if that makes sense)


also no overclocking had been done to the system


My NEW build:

Asus z390-a Prime

Intel Core i5 9600k


Corsair Vengence RGB 16gb (8x2)


My OLD build:

Asus z170-ar

Intel Core i5-6500

Corsair 500W PSU

Corsair Vengence RGB 16gb (8x2)


I have tried both my new and old GPU on my OLD and NEW build they are:

OLD: EVGA 1070 SC 

NEW: GIGABYTE 2070 Windforce 8gb


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