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Feedback an possible someone from the netherlands wth a 3d printer


So, at first i thought this to be the end of searching but i decided on some minor adjustments. 

Fans used : Be quiet cpu fan shadowrock tf2... granted for 160 tdp 
                    6 x pure wings 2, 2 x 140mm and 3 x 120 mm 
                    1 x golden wings 120 mm 

Both fans next to the cpu fan aimed down are set for push 



After some game hours i decided on changing for antivibration rubber dicks and to replace the bottom fan to the position shown on the picture


All to ensure that red zone gets some nice cold air!

Ratings? suggestions?? commments ???

Oh and if someone could point me to someone else for whom its a piece of cake to manufacturer me a kind of exhausts that fits in my case :D  

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