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Ryzen 2700 (non-X) boosting question


Hi everybody, 


I have a Ryzen 2700 non x thats right a non x. Main reason is the fact that I have a DAN A4 case so the low TDP of 65W is perfect as I get around 76C under prime 95 after 30min. However; 


I am curious about one thing, when I keep the CPU multiplier at auto (base clock 3,2GHZ) and leave HW monitor on, I have very nice boost frequencies 4,2-4,4 (lets refer to this as non-OC). And know I wanted to raise the boost clock to lets say 3,5GHZ (OC), the problem is that HW monitor reports a constant frequency rather that boosting a core or two to above 4GHZ. 




1.What is better for general performance? The OC profile even though it doesnt boost as high or the non-OC? 


2. Is there a way to change the base clock while retaining the changing core clocks? 


Thank you! 


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