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144 hz monitor not working properly

I have a dell g7 and a viotek 144hz monitor. I set the monitor to 144hz in the nvidia control panel and the mouse looks like its running at the right framerate but nothing else is. When I play fortnite, the game runs at like 170 frames per second, but I only see 60, even on my 144hz monitor. furthermore, I turn on v-sync and it locks at 60. When I close the laptop the monitor actually outputs 144 fps for about a second or two, but then it gets really stutters a lot. The framerate never even dips below 150, it just looks stutter, but not like low framerate. its hard to explain, but it almost looks like 144 fps for a fraction of a second but then it just stutters. I am using HDMI 2.0 on the laptop and HDMI 2.1 on the monitor if that matters. Thanks for the help!

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Laptops can be a bit fussy with outputting at these levels. If it has both an integrated GPU and also a discrete GPU try checking your BIOS or drivers to see if that can be disabled or the primary/default display device can be changed. Also may be off he mark but is 144Hz supported on all connection types on your monitor DP, DL-DVI and HDMI, have you tried an alternative?


I remember my old laptop had something like this. My TV is 120Hz for 3D but you could only push the 3D stream when you toggled the primary display device on the driver level to force the discrete GPU at all times. I believe this was due to power saving measures trying to use the integrated GPU to save power at idle/on battery.

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