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'Price is Right' contestant wins trip to Manitoba, turns it down


Lee Norton of Rollinsford, N.H., was a contestant on the Dec. 4, 2018, episode of the CBS game show “The Price is Right,” where he won a trip to Winnipeg. Screenshot from @JohnDoyle603/Twitter via CBS.

UPDATE (Dec. 17, 2018): It seems as though the American man who infamously won a trip to visit Winnipeg in the winter won’t get to see the polar bears after all. Unfortunately, Lee Norton from New Hampshire confirmed to CTV News that he turned down the trip due to taxes on the getaway being too pricey. 

Original story continues below:

The capital of Manitoba, which is known as the “Gateway to the West,” was featured in a prize for the long-running CBS game show, “The Price is Right.”

Contestants were promised “a winter they will never forget” with a chance to “watch polar bears in their natural habitat in beautiful Canada.” The winner of the Dec. 4 showcase would receive a six-night stay in the executive suite at the Fort Garry Hotel, a landmark Winnipeg attraction, plus a one-day side trip to Churchill, Man.


Are game show winnings simply taxed as part of your gross income.

Price is Right is taped in California, but income tax is part of the state you live in.

So many different answers online.

How is it taxed in the USA?



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