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Front to top panel Rgb and vertical gpu mod on NZXT Noctis 450 ROG


I need opinion putting led strip on top and front panel of the case will it look good,? Iwanna just add more rgb to my case i always see big gap on the case so i think putting rgbs on those area and about the gpu vertically mouted is 3 fan card the drive cage  is already removed for it to fit buts my problem is will the card be not be view full because of the angle of the side panel


My system 


R7 2700X aircooled by stock cooler


Rtx 2070 strix oc 


Front -scythe thyphoon   4250 rpm x3

Rear and top - corsair ll140 rgb 3 x with commander pro

trident z  rgb 32gb 2x16

2x hue plus 

Fire cuda sshd 2tb

Coolermaster vertical gpu mount

Fsp hydro ptm 750 w plat.











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