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Plasma contrast and black levels


What specifications do current TVs need to match it? (objectively)

OLED seems like a bust thanks to the over sensitivity to screen burn in. Or am i mistaken?


I'm looking at TVs and it appears that you can get VA panels from samsung. (i'm a fan of VA)

But their consistency is not to good. You can get very different panels in the same model number range.


Full array backlighting seems to be the solution for non OLED.


"400 lighting zones" but that's on the top end of the market.



My plasma died and I went deep and my budget was £4-500 for a 50inch.


I could not find enough online to assure me of any similar black level performance. 

Granted the colours on my old TV was a bit muted and its "only" HD.

Anyway, I gave up and just bought my same TV 2nd hand for £150.


I have plans for a dedicated cinema room so I'll be wanting to go bigger. 60-80inch

What tech should I be keeping an eye on over the next 12-18months. I'd like to think that 400 zone lighting will come down in price but thats 400 lights that could malfunction.

Will OLED get any better? (as in more robust when i comes to image retention etc)


What are your thoughts on the market in the coming the near term?



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