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3 drives in my laptop

i have a hp 2570p with core i7 with four cores in a small factor of just 12.5 inches. i have SSD of 120 gb and i like to upgrade but i am not sure if i can put 3 drives. 2 drives that are 2.5 inches. First will be 2.5 inch drive where my SSD is now. second will be added by removing cd/dvd drive and i am not sure if i can put SSD above the wireless card. it looks like this Slikovni rezultat za wireless card connector

if i can put SSD in there it will be 120GB or maximum 240GB and i like to know. 1. Is it possible and if not what cant be done. 2. How much will this cost me if i sell my SSD of 120GB. 3. how much of an impact does it have on battery (now i am getting about 3 hours of battery life of moderate usage(have battery that is 50kWh but it's degrated so it is acc 40kWh))

Slikovni rezultat za hp 2570p opened

P.S. i want each drive to have 1 terabyte of collected storage of 2 terabyte and SSD of 120GB or 240GB

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