Should I buy pc or ps4?

5 minutes ago, Gsgamer said:

But ps4 is more affordable and I am not considering of any upgradation in future.. I would really appreciate if you could tell me which will give better performance .. thanks😊

Well, part of the reason I would get a PC is so I can do more than just watch stuff and play games. Also, I personally hate controllers. As for performance, both would work fine, as the PS4 would only have games that run well, and you would only buy what would run well on your PC (I hope that make sense ;)). I would honestly get whichever you feel more comfortable buying.

Another option would be to do what I did, which is build/buy a used PC instead of the PS4 and the PC list you made. You can get some great performance for very little money if you know where to look and what parts to buy.

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