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Remote Access Server In Linux

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So I have an old computer running Linux Mint (I have more experience with Debian compared to Arch) that I would like to use as a file server. I'm OK with port forwarding. In the past, I have had it run an FTP server using vsftpd, which allowed me to access it locally and remotely (from school), The problem with FTP is that the implementation in Windows SUCKS. Copying any file through the Windows Explorer is unreliable, and using FileZilla is not practical. I then had it act like a NAS using samba shares, which is way better then FTP over a local network, but all my computers would not detect it on the network and I could not access it remotely. I currently run Owncloud, which I am relatively happy with, allowing to sync files and with remote access (as well as bonuses like a calendar, mail client and more), but I could not get it working with my 2 drives. Do any of you have suggestions? I would like something that works natively with Windows (could act like a NAS or Sync to a particular folder) and I would like to be able to access it from school. If you don't have any suggestions, I can stick to Owncloud (I added the second drive as external storage to Owncloud, but only files in the main drive sync, the secondary drive can only be accessed online).


Tony T

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