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Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

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Rendering, and Multitasking while in PS and Premier, this would make me upgrade and go X99 and clear out my problems with lags... 

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This would be an awesome replacement for my i7 4770k then I could render my vids waaaaaaaay faster!

My Rig

CPU: i7-4770k @ 3.50GHz | Motherboard: Asrock Z87 Extreme4 | Hyper XFury 16GB(2x8) and 1x8GB G.Skill =24GB GPU: Gigabyte G1 GTX 970 O.C.ed | Case: N600 Coolermaster Storage: 1x3TB 7200RPM, 1x320GB 7200RPM, 1x750GB 5400RPM, 1x500GB Evo 850 SSD, 1x1TB = 5.67TB | PSU: 750 Watt PSU Displays: 2x23 inch LG23M45 60hz 1080p + 1 QNIX QX2710 (O.C.ed)100hz 1440p | Keyboard: Corsair K70 Cherry MX Blues | Cooling: Stock | Mouse: Redragon Perdition Sound: Sades SA-708 Headset | Operating System: Windows 8

Ask me about my photography!

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Made an account just to enter this contest.


Well, I would need to purchase a new motherboard and RAM for it, so it would be a while before I actually got to use it.

I'd use it for my CS course work, especially the AI class.


After that I'd probably give my current gaming rig (AMD FX-6300 & R9 270X) to my brother.

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I would build a new setup. My current setup is 3 years old. Been, want to build a new for sometime, if I win I will have any excuse to build one. Liquid cooled with dual 980's. I currently have a core i7 2.6ghz ivy bridge. Would purchase a new case as mind currently attaches dust like no tomorrow.

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