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Could I reuse this iMac display for something?

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So I recently got my hands on an old dead 27" 2009 iMac, I took it apart and kept a couple things, one being the display. It is 2560x1440 and seems to be fully working, I was just wondering if there would be any way I could recycle it for normal desktop use. If I could custom build a frame and some sort of PCB for power and input, would it be possible to use it as a normal monitor? The panel number is LM270WQ1 from LG, I have included pictures of the panel and the connectors on it. If not I will either just sell it or scrap it, but it would suck to see a decent looking display go to waste. Thanks :)







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Totally doable. All you need is a controller board, power supply (looks like this monitor takes 12V/5A), and some sort of housing. 


Here's an iFixit guide that might help.

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