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Does this display exist?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys ...


I've noticed the "new kid on the block" in display tech seems to be these new "ultrawide, curved" displays (like the Samsung G9 series) and that got me thinking about my own setup.

Some existing models that run at high resolutions support dual Inputs so you can drive say a 1440p tall display with dual HDMI / Display Port inputs.


I'd like to do something like the latter there but with my dual 4k screens on my desktop at the moment.

The idea is to get something like a 120hz 49inch ultrawide that's the same (2x3840)x2160 and use half for gaming (like i currently do) allowing me to have chat applications or browser ect on the other half of my screen. 

During the day however ... in my job as a Cloud Solutions Architect I want to be able to take advantage of every last pixel with applications like browser tabs (a lot of them), multiple instances of Visual Studio, SQL Server Tools, Remote desktop sessions ect all open at once.

This is the reason I have dual 4k screens in the first place.


I'm all for having nice big "ultra wide" screens that nicely curve around my field of view but if I have to drop half my resolution to get that I figure "what's the point" ... 


Is there a screen that actually exists on the market at the moment that do this?

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IIRC those dual-input screens require those additional inputs cos of lack of bandwidth on 1 input.  Even the first few 4k monitors were just 2 monitors stuck together with 1 input driving half the display, and another input driving the other half.


So if I figure this right, you want a large UW monitor, that can act as 2 monitors when playing games in full screen?


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I dont think it exist, or if it does I have not heard about it.


The ones I have heard about that is closest to what you are looking for is 5120x2160, so much less wide than 2x 4k monitors.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


You're right, the reasoning these dual input screens originally came about was lack of bandwidth, we see that in 8k displays or higher today for things like billboard type setups or Linus' "16k gaming" setup (which actually is multiple screens for obvious reasons).

bang on though: "you want a large UW monitor, that can act as 2 monitors when playing games in full screen" ... EXACTLY that, but also one that carries "at least" the equivalent pixel count of 2 regular 4k displays at 3840x2160 and ideally be able to handle higher than 60FPS gaming..

My reasoning is my day job here ... I need a high pixel count to fit everything I need during the day, but then a low pixel count and a high refresh rate for gaming, so my thinking was a single "dual 4k 120/144hz" UW screen would full-fill both of those requirements and if I decided one day I wanted to go full full screen in a game like Star Citizen for the immersive visuals then that option would be there too (assuming I had the GPU grunt to drive the entire screen.


Yeh that's exactly what I have seen ... "4k ultra-wide" advertised displays tend to only be "4k" in one of the 2 dimensions.
Usually you get 1440 rather than 2160 or you get "4k" across the entire line which for me is a drop of half my current pixel count meaning reading text would become worse or require me to use more pixels.

Nope that's not what i'm after.


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Highest resolution ultra wide i have seen is 34" 5120 x 2160 at 75hz.. (21:9) (LG 34BK95U-W) . The WK is a 60hz version


Sounds like ur after a 32:9, I havnt seen one at 2160p resolution.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Maybe i'm falling in to a "gap" here ... Hopefully if Linus see's this he can reach out to the manufacturers and ask for this.
I cannot be the only person on the planet running 2x 4k screens on my desk and wanting to make the most of the raw space even if it means pushing a second input in to the screen.

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