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Lost in the world of USB-C - Will HDMI work over a DP certified port?

Use this guide and dont be dumb like me: 

Short answer to my question: Yes



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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i have an Asus Strix III G531GU notebook and theres a USB-C port on it with a DisplaPort logo on the side.

Would the HDMI port work on a simple, non Thunderbolt 3 but DP capable C port?


Now I want to use this machine as a desktop replacement but I dont want to plug/unplug a lot of cables all the times I take the computer with me somewhere so I decided to buy a USB-C Hub to simplify my life.

The only problem is that there are so many types of cables and everything that I just can't tell wich one is going to work or not.


So the main thing would be to have a DipslayPort OR HDMI connector (I would use it with a 144Hz monitor, the HDMI connector on the back is only HDMI 1.2 so 120Hz max) and a USB hub(It would be great if it had RJ45 and an audio jack, but I dont know maybe I'm asking too much already).



Thank for your answer, here is a potato.


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DP can carry an HDMI and even VGA signal, so yes, it will work

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Posted · Original PosterOP · Best Answer

Use this guide and dont be dumb like me: 

Short answer to my question: Yes



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