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    I was born in 1874 and I have farmed potatoes for my entire life
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    Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro
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    16gb HyperX DDR4 2400@3000MHz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1660@2010MHz
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    LianLi O11-Dynamic
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    HyperX Alloy FPS
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
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    MacBook Air Mid-2010 Catalina
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    Samsung Galaxy A41
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  1. for the CPU about $200 (or a bit less) in both cases. GPU should be around the $300-350 mark
  2. you plug in the nvme drive. Then at the next startup it will be automatically mounted and formatted by windows
  3. the i5 11400F is an intel CPU and the 5600 is an AMD CPU (that shares the name with a GPU, but leave that alone) The 3060 is an Nvidia GPU and the 6600XT is an AMD GPU. These all will be announced relatively soon.
  4. oh, then get something like the 11400F or the 5600(non x) and pair that with a 3060 or a 6600XT. the choice will be highly dependent on pricing
  5. I usually use windows without a licence and then modify the registry to unlock most of the features
  6. I would wait till early 2021, AMD should have more stock (in GPU and CPU), same for Nvidia. Intel will have released the new 11th gen that should compete or even beat Zen3 in gaming. This could lead in lower prices by AMD (and they should have already released the non x series chips) and intel alike.
  7. ah, makes sense, for a second I though the USD decreased in value even more
  8. well, I don't personally care, but I don't want to suggest people things that might be in grey territory legality wise
  9. that doesn't make much sense, a slower GPU shouldn't be causing that, even with the 3080 intel has better lows. I would say it's either the architecture, the ram or just bad optimization for the new architecture.
  10. pretty much nothing, except that $130 windows licence, you can use windows without activating it or you can get a licence for less money from more questionable places, but for the love of god don't pay $130 for windows 10
  11. Since you already have a PC I would say get the 3070, it sould be really close performance wise
  12. probably, a friend of mine has an RTX 2080 with a 550w PSU