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Looking for an Original Kinect V2 Adapter for Windows/Xbox One Gen 2(x/s)

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I have been looking into building a samll motion tracking rig using the Xbox Kinect V2 as the Main Caputer device and coding the rest of the software needed to trasporrt the data directly into Blender 3D 2.9 Alpha and then Outputing the Direct EEVEE render output from the viewport into OBS using a tons of tricks and coding to make it happein from a single application, i am incredably close to archieveing this, i have the Required software, and an unsed Factory Abandoned Kinect V2 ready to work, but... i dont have a Kinect Adapter for windows... i bought one off of Ebay a while ago and ive been messing around with it but it's most definetly not a microsoft designed one as ive noticed it sparks every time you plug in the power supply to the adapter box, that is why i come to you the Linus tech tips community to help me find one that doesnt break the bank....

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