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psu and motherbaord cables

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was building my pc for the first time and I when I tried to plug in the cpu cable crom the psu to the mobo it didn't fit.

The cpu cable that has to connect to the mobo has the option to split in 2 parts (2x4).

I can only fit it into the cpu slot on the mobo when I split in in 2 parts and only use the part that has the square and rounded shapes.

the other part of the connector has 4 rounded ones.

My mobo is a asus ROG strix z390 E gaming

and my psu is a corsair rm 650x


the psu is on the qvl of my mobo so it should all fit.


can somebody pls help me and explain how I should connect the cables.(mainly the cpu one)

is it ok to only use half of the cpu cable on my mobo and psu?


thx for the help in advance :)


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