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Stepping up from dull WMR goggles - HP announces new VR headset

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Posted · Original PosterOP

While Valve is conducting the VR train, HP is looking to increase their competition against other VR manufacturers with an update to their VR headsets


HP has started to tease a next gen VR headset on its own website and via social media. The iconic tech company is aiming to produce a VR HMD with enviable state of the art specs, professing that its upcoming product will be "the new standard in VR." It is easy to pour scorn on such boasts but thanks to the HMD being developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft it could indeed be a very desirable product - depending upon price.


The mystery new headset isn't named in the teasers, however one can see in the official website URL that it is currently being referred to internally as the 'Reverb G2 VR headset'. This makes it the sequel to the original HP Reverb which was part of Microsoft's Mixed Reality launch lineup and stood out from the pack thanks to its high resolution screens. The new design shares some traits to make it look similar to its predecessor - such as evidence of built-in Windows Mixed Reality tracking cameras. It is being teased as a premium solution though, so it may be priced nearer to Valve's Index ($999), rather than the likes of the Oculus Rift S ($399). In its limited publicity so far, HP seems to focus on developers and architects, which would imply a higher entry price.

Source: https://hexus.net/tech/news/peripherals/140947-hp-teases-no-compromises-reverb-g2-vr-headset/

Thoughts: Unless I know the pricing of this devices I have no interest, and judging HP I won't believe they will be cheap.

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I just hope it has hand tracking. Currently rocking a Lenovo Explorer so being able to upgrade to those controllers would be nice!

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Looks like an improved WMR headset, which means the same tracking issues (though to be fair it isn't terrible; I have an odyssey+). I am interested to hear about price; perhaps this could replace my recommendation of the Odyssey+ for budget VR.

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I wouldn't jump to conclusions about the tracking. The Valve Index also has two front-facing cameras, but they aren't involved in tracking at all. And that's the company HP worked with on this headset. The biggest things Valve bring to the table that HP doesn't already have experience with is more advanced controllers and the lighthouse tracking system.


On the other hand, the headset shape doesn't seem tailored to lighthouse tracking. But I still wouldn't rule it out.


Anyway, more info is needed in general to form an opinion about the headset. For now we only have the design, which is basically a Rift with a couple dimples and an HP logo. 🤷‍♂️

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oh boy, another $1000 headset for me to ignore *adds Oculus Quest to cart*

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