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Do I have to take apart my case fans to paint them?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The title really says it all.

i have a noctua fan and I want to fit it with my color scheme but I’m not sure if I have to take it apart or not

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Posted · Original PosterOP
35 minutes ago, Nicnac said:

I wouldn;t recommend painting them. It will make the fans unbalanced and increase noise and wear on the bearings all leading to earlier failure of the fan.

What if I just paint the frame?

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7 hours ago, Snakedudo said:

Ok, so I should just spray the frame?

It's not recommended for the Noctua fans since they have very fine details that are designed for airflow that can get lost when painted. They do make a Chromax version in black if that is what you are looking for. 

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