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Multi Camera Recording for Live Event - Large Scale

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I really wasn't entirely sure how to word the title here. We run a family entertainment venue, with indoor karting and my job is to come up with new ways to engage with our community. I want to create a proposal for more of a traditional racing experience for an audience online. 


To do this, we have a 1/3 mile track and I want to set multiple cameras up in various locations to get solid angles as well camera footage of the karts. While Go pros easily connect to helmets or even the karts themselves, and I'm hoping the live stream ability on them works with local wifi  ( https://gopro.com/help/articles/block/getting-started-with-live-streaming ). 


What kind of equipment is out there that can help me create a more fluid data stream from cameras across a facility as large as a Kmart? Hope this is the right forum areas to discuss this type of thing. Saw a handful of mentions about web cams and took a shot.


My main concern is how many cameras being set up - there is 8 drivers, to 12 in a large scale event. OBS Let's me for streaming run about 4 max without issues like turning them on and off before switching. Is there some kind of switcher equipment for larger scale broadcasting out there?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I found a few switchers online like the  Black-Magic Design ATEM to help with camera control, but thats for land cameras and not control of something as awesome as go pro footage coming in. Lol.

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