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  1. Fixed. IM so MAD. basically I just turned virtual off, then back on, and restarted, and it worked. Whatever man lmfao. silly as hell. DID YOU TRY TURNING IT OFF AND BACK ON AGAIN. AUGH. lol thanks guys!
  2. I confirmed that my friend is also using windows 10 home, and is running virtualization. Windows 10 home does not support hypervision however. Im running Intel, which is just a single button to enable is my understanding.
  3. Man i really thought this was gonna be it, but still no go. X was there, ran admin CMD command, reboot. Still nothing. it is still active in bios.
  4. Hey my dudes, I'm trying to play my android games on my PC with the software Bluestacks, which requires virtualization. I got it turned on in BIOS, but when I check the task manager under CPU, its showing that Virtualization is disabled. Im using Windows 10, Home edition - so there is no Hyper-V which is recommended to shut off for this issue regarding bluestacks specefically, but its weird that its not beign recognized in the task manager as turned on. Someone else mentioned the possibility of BIOS settings not being saved due to dead CMOS Battery. I was able to chang
  5. You know what I completely forgot, this is my work computer from before the pandemic so it was infact where i made the host file changes...checking as I type this ....sure enough it was in there. See I love this forum. Thanks man!
  6. Sup My dudes!!! I just migrated my website from one host to another like.... a month ago, and have actively been working on it on my computer at home, but my damned laptop wont stop showing a suspended page from my old host. Do you know any other ways to clear cache / dns besides the obvious ones like clearing cookies/cache in browser and CMD iconfig /flushdns ? Im at a loss, Its never taken more than that in my 8 years. The website is pactgaming.com you should simply see a "we'll be back" page with a sign up. I cant replicate the suspension page on ANY device. Thought id try here
  7. I found a few switchers online like the Black-Magic Design ATEM to help with camera control, but thats for land cameras and not control of something as awesome as go pro footage coming in. Lol.
  8. I really wasn't entirely sure how to word the title here. We run a family entertainment venue, with indoor karting and my job is to come up with new ways to engage with our community. I want to create a proposal for more of a traditional racing experience for an audience online. To do this, we have a 1/3 mile track and I want to set multiple cameras up in various locations to get solid angles as well camera footage of the karts. While Go pros easily connect to helmets or even the karts themselves, and I'm hoping the live stream ability on them works with local wifi : ( https://go
  9. Doesnt runnign stuck on overclock lower the lifespan of the pc? never ran anythign that way before.
  10. I do not yet....right now the big boys upstairs might not let me increase budget so the 1300 might have to be including all those hahaha. I'll play around with these build sites for surr
  11. Much appreciate the help yall. Just these links alone have send a tremendous amount of help