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Newer gpu on old oem motherboard

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I got an old 3rd gen i5 pc from a friend with some stupid low quality motherboard and PSU and a terrible gpu. The motherboard is local rebrand of a wibtek h61-m hdmi. I tried to connect a gt705 in that but i get B2 error and some beeps, if i leave it some time it ends up booting after a 3rd beep. It works fine with its old gpu tho. I plan to use it as a server but i would prefere a better card than it got. Also a bit offtopic but i get A2 error and beep sound everytime i boot up even with the original gpu, boots fine immediately tho.

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44 minutes ago, thankarezos said:

I plan to use it as a server

Servers don't need anything more  powerful than built-in GFX cards.

The beeping is probably going to be custom to the manufacturer, nonetheless, you could try to find the mobo manual and see what it has to say about the beep codes

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Manual is not an option on noname motherboards. Also i was planning to give it to my girlfriend so she can plug her ati hd 4870 to play league of legends cause her current cpu is a pentium thats why i want to be able to use other gpu than this. If i cant swap it i can use it for nothing else expect for a server. Also changing motherboard is not an option either cause i cant find any cheap 1155 motherboard that i can be sure that will be compatible with any gpu

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