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Syncing RGB

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Posted · Original PosterOP

This may be a stupid question, but yet it still is a question.


For my new PC build, I am buying Corsair's LL120 RGB Fans, and also G.Skill Trident Z RGB RAM. Is there a way to sync both components so I can control them from 1 software or something?

As I'm aware that the RAM operates from Aura Sync. (I'm using the ASRock X570 Taichi Motherboard).

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Not through the Corsair software as they only support their products. However, it may be possible to get your fans to work with the Aura software. You'd have to do some modding to get them to work, but since Asus mobos do have a plug for argb strips and the strips in those fans most likely 3 pin argb (like ws2812b) with an extra wire for chaining them together, I can see it being done. Asus also has a RGB controller: https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboard-Accessories/ROG-Aura-Terminal/.


You'd have to figure out the pinout, then rewire them to plug into the mobo. Then, figure out how to do it with the software. Hopefully the software is robust enough to setup zones so each zone is a fan.


You can start here: 


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If you want to synchronize your RGB components it's best to pick the parts accordingly. E.G. when I built my PC I only selected RGB components that are compatible with Aura Sync since the motherboard of my choice is from Asus. Doing so saves you a lot of trouble.

There is no replacement for RGB except more RGB 😜

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I'm working on an open source RGB app that may be what you're looking for.  My app is designed to support as many RGB devices from as many vendors as possible.  I'm writing all the hardware interface code from scratch or from other open source projects, no official SDKs or official software required.  My project currently supports a fair number of devices.  The Corsair Lighting Node Pro and Commander Pro are supported (which drive Corsair RGB fans) and Asus Aura based RGB RAM is supported (Trident Z RGB uses an Aura chipset).  I have some ASRock motherboards supported but no X570 yet.  I'd be happy to help reverse engineer it and add support.  Other manufacturers have changed their RGB systems for X570 so I'm not sure how ASRock did theirs.


My project supports both Windows and Linux.  It's in early development right now so there are no releases yet.



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