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I need Guidance on making some parts for a Project.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My biggest issue is Mechanical. If I go to a local milling shop, they tell me it will cost me $10 for one universal joint, and I have 12 of those, that will cost me $120, 

There are many such custom parts but I can't afford these prices, it will easily cost me like $300 if I got down that path. 

So, I went to AliExpress and placed order for all of that and everything costed $89 including 18-27 day shippings.

Sadly, Coronavirus Intensified, also holidays of Lunar new year came. And due to this, Chinese government took these holidays as an advantage and completely shut everything down. And now I came to hear about 1000 cases of this Coronavirus. This stuff is getting scary.

Still, I need these parts in order to make my robot, I have no other option but to wait. And Doesn't seem like my country customs will be happy to even see a Shipment coming from China at a time like this. 


I need a Plan C. 

For this I even asked Reddit for help. 


I need to make Universal joints, Timing pulley with tooth which can be mounted on Motor, Idler pulley with tooths, and Bearing in middle. Timing Belt, Springs, Steering mounts for wheels, Hexagonal wheel mount, Etc.

Any little advice helps. 

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I'd say bite the bullet get them milled consider the extra money the extra time granted due to the Coronavirus. Plus they should be pretty durable I would imagine they will last forever.


Unless of course you have infinite time for this project then wait.

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