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  1. Having lot of space to mount a water cooler. Ability to place some Custom RGB panels inside case. Having enough space in case to have ease in working and cleaning from time to time
  2. Thats fair enough. I just hope Small case is strong enough to handle all this during moving houses, cuz Dismantling and Re-assembling in s small care again and again, will be a Pain
  3. I didnt see this message till now, But yeah, i Reinstalled Windows, cuz it currepted due to new update. Thankyou.
  4. So, Been using Behringer UMC22 for a Year and 3 days ago i was trying to fix a Noise in mic and thought of updating Drivers. Now i have no drivers after struggling for 3 days, installing and uninstalling drivers over and over. Can someone please tell me where to Find the actual drivers? Behringer website links to ASIO4ALL and it does absolutely nothing.
  5. That Clicking noise Might be the Metal having Thermal Cracking Internally due to massive heat
  6. The cooling design is very bad on these new Mac books. And it gets worse every year it seems. Can anyone explain why is that so? If i remember it right, i saw a Video of a guy opening up a Mac book last year, only to expose that there are no proper Paths for the Fan to throw away the Hot air out of the PC and its like intended to kill the Macbook within a Year of regular use just so people buy the new one next year.
  7. So, I have been using Audio Technica ATR 1300 for last 1 year 10 months with a UMC22. Its my bday tommorow and i want to Pick up a new microphone. I really love the Rode podmic and i always wanted it ever since it came out. I cannot afford to buy both a Scarlet 3rd gen and Podmic. So for the time being, It will be Podmic and UMC22. Will these 2 work together at all? Or it the podmic as power hungry as SM7b?
  8. Quick question, Why getting a Snowball yeti? It's 2020, there are better options.
  9. No one uses CDs these days. Go for B
  10. I was thinking the same! Cuz she had heat issues and her RAM burnt out, and I feel like it's just not the Ram, it's the board too.
  11. This is a Friend's PC, She just got this PC back, and installed Fresh Windows. The issue now is the Graphic card is not being detected. She tried to place the graphics card in a different PC and it worked there but it's not working on this main PC.
  12. No, I specifically went into Windows defender settings and I selected some folders and protected them. I just need to know where that setting is
  13. "Disk is Write protected" is the error message that pops up in adobe premiere pro
  14. This might have all started when I opened the App centre and allowed it to download and update all the softwares/Drivers.
  15. Everytime I try to open some software and install anything, the Virus and threat protection system starts acting weird and blocks me. I can't install rockstar launcher because of this issue. This started from the day I suddenly found Norton Security app in my list of programmes. I uninstalled it immediately because I had never installed it. And this uninstallation process was really weird too. After uninstalled, it immediately restarted PC and upon restarting, it shows a really weird looking screen. Will post here in comments. And after restart,
  16. My biggest issue is Mechanical. If I go to a local milling shop, they tell me it will cost me $10 for one universal joint, and I have 12 of those, that will cost me $120, There are many such custom parts but I can't afford these prices, it will easily cost me like $300 if I got down that path. So, I went to AliExpress and placed order for all of that and everything costed $89 including 18-27 day shippings. Sadly, Coronavirus Intensified, also holidays of Lunar new year came. And due to this, Chinese government took these holidays as an advantage and completely shut everything
  17. I explained above. edited cuz discord won't allow big files. And was bored so doodled on everything. Cuz my European friends ask too many questions.
  18. This dirt that u see is, after cleaning all air filters every 2-3 weeks and cleaning everything in PC every 2 months. I just never opened the front panel becuz of the wire management. I live in country side, and people are slowing coming to live here so it's litrally one construction zone after another and all blows dust. Just imagine, how much dust goes in my lungs ?
  19. I was waiting for someone to say that lmao. The image size was too big to upload, so I had to resize it. While doing that, I was literally doodling cuz bored xD. At first I wasn't just posting it here, I was posting it on discord and I don't have Discord nitro so that doesn't take anything above 10 Mb.
  20. What ever MHz ram u put in a PC, the lower number is what will be the limit. If it doesn't support beyond a number, I might not even read that. Also, Search "PCpartPICKER" and "Userbenchmark" then u can see what parts go with what. And performance of these parts and power consumption and Even the running cost.