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Possible dying video card?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have two monitors. Monitor 1 is hooked up via HDMI and Monitor 2 is hooked up via a VGA cable and an active DVI/CGA adapter.


A few days ago I turned on my PC and my second monitor displayed the normal ViewSonic logo, then just static. I figured it could just be a flaky cable and/or adapter. I unplugged it and plugged it back in which seemed to fix it. It did this a few times in the last few days, but hasn't been a huge problem as I only use that monitor for discord and Spotify


Now today, it inexplicably stopped happening to my second monitor, and has exclusively been happening to my main monitor. Now, instead of just being solid static and having to re-seat the plug, it just happens in little bursts; it will go static for a few seconds, then flash between static and no image at all a bunch and then go back to normal. It's also started to go static in only portions of the screen for less then a second and then go back to normal. As I am typing this the whole screen flashes static sometimes, for just a brief moment; sometimes just the top or bottom half.


Now I suppose it could be possible that both my cables are flaky but I find that unlikely. So my next guess was my GPU, but it seems odd that it only happens to one monitor at a time and it doesn't go back and forth between them either. Tonight it has only happened to Monitor 1, the last few days it was only happening to Monitor 2.


Any suggestions would be helpful, I have an XFX RX580 (temps are good)

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Sounds like the GPU is dying. If you're in the warranty period you should send it back to XFX and they will likely send you a new one.

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