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  1. Just would like to report that an original Arctic Liquid Freezer II 120 (before they improved the mounting system's ease of installation) is able to keep a Ryzen 7 5800X running at +200MHz PBO under 90°C when the room temp stays under 72°F. Throttle temp for the 5800X is 95°C.
  2. Ok, so I have an Antec P5 case, (only a 240mm rad location available) and a reference model 5700 XT. I have been slowly getting to the point that I'm more willing to build a custom loop to cool the GPU than I am to wait for a 3080 that may not even be built until next year. So I have a small parts list, and want to make sure I'm not buying more/less than I need, and not overspending by too much. (EK may be more expensive, but if it's less than $50 difference, I'm willing to stay with EK) Here's what I have so far: EK-Quantum Vector Radeon RX 5700 +XT D-RGB - Nickel + Acetal
  3. Unless you're going to more than 6.4GHz on the 3930k, it's nowhere near the performance of a 3600 stock on single-core. In multithreaded, the 3600 running at base clock and thermal throttling will decimate the 3930k in every way.
  4. It depends on the pad type. The one that was originally used for the memory on the reference board was a clay-type pad, and was 2mm before compression, but slightly less than 1mm after. If you were to try it with the rubber style pads, 1.5mm would be a better idea.
  5. What thickness did you buy? Are they too thick to be able to squish them down when tightening down the cooler? (would provide the best contact if it's possible)
  6. You wouldn't be getting that much of a performance bump from just that speed increase. You would from moving to dual channel in addition to the speed increase. I don't know how well optimized AC:O is, but AC:V is getting your "high" framerates at minimum on my 5700XT, so it's a good bet that it's being CPU limited in some way. Either way, do not use a stock cooler for them! It's not enough cooling! Triple heat pipe minimum for the 5600X (4 if running it with maxed PBO limits) and 6 heatpipes minimum for the 9900K if you're not overclocking it. (AIO minimum if overclocking)
  7. Yeah, that means you were running in single-channel mode before. That does make a HUGE difference in performance, even when not CPU limited. The 9900K should allow you to get higher XMP speeds, (up to a 5% increase if going to 3600) unless you only bought 2333 speed RAM.
  8. Over $20 more expensive than what I suggested, and you can't actually get better performance than the 2666 because you don't have a K-series CPU. (and Intel considers XMP to be "overclocking") Sure, they'll work, but you're wasting money. Also, Kinston isn't great for high-performance RAM. If you're planning on running ECC, then Kingson is good, but not gaming. [EDIT] Sorry, didn't notice Australia. Yeah, those will be fine, they just aren't really "good". Ok, your profile says Samsung 250GB, so that's why I asked. That's mighty small for a boot drive, regardless of
  9. See that "New Post" item in the upper left on Imgur? Just use that... No account needed. You just have to post it as "Hidden", and right click on the image and select "Copy image address", then paste here. I know this works, because I just did it with this image: Morrowind FTW! Sounds like you might be having a storage or RAM problem. The mismatched and very slow RAM are likely the main culprits. I would suggest looking for a pair of 8GB DDR4-2666 sticks to put in your system, as it is likely to significantly improve performance. https://www.newegg.com/p
  10. Yes, but HWiNFO has a much better chance at telling us what's wrong. Also, please use a different site for your images, those are getting converted to unreadably low quality.
  11. Manufacturer warranties still exist, (and are entirely independent of any purchase warranty) and depending on the specific card, it could be nearing the end of the warranty period, or the 1/3rd mark.
  12. Use HWiNFO64 instead... It does a much better job than RivaTuner. (which hasn't actually had any real code updates in years)
  13. White/blue cards have been rare over the past decade, and you're unlikely to find them priced lower than 200% of their original sale price. (adjusting for inflation) Just mentioning this now before you get dead-set on this. Now, you can always just spraypaint the shroud of any GPU you want, and then you'll have the exact color you want, and it'll cost WAY less.
  14. Use a drop of soap on a q-tip and a wet rag. Use the alcohol after to evaporate the moisture.
  15. Ignore the clock speeds, as they aren't comparable between generations or manufacturers. A Zen 3 core running at 4.6GHz will perform similarly to 10th-gen Intel cores at 5.2GHz, but a Zen 2 core at 4.6GHz will only be comparable to a 10th-gen at 4.5GHz. A Ryzen 5600X would be a significant performance boost, comparable to 6 average Intel generations worth of upgrade. Yeah, but even a contemporary dual-core Intel with hyperthreading beat those... Even in multithreaded performance.
  16. Well, it's only $10 more to switch to a Hybrid for the FTW3, and $30 for the XC3, so it's really not that much of a waste of money IMO. Thanks. I had been planning a push-pull setup from the beginning, so that's not that big of a deal to me. Arctic P12's are quite good for rad pushing/pulling. The only question i have is, should I have the P12's on the top or bottom. (they will be attached to the motherboard running at 80% constant unless the CPU exceeds 90% usage, and the EVGA fans will be attached to the GPU on a steep custom fan curve) From what I was seeing on the E
  17. Yeah, and that's not the hybrid, that's the air-cooled. I'm looking specifically and exclusively for the hybrid version that isn't an aftermarket addition to an existing card. I want to know about the performance of the hybrid-cooled card when the cooler is applied at the factory.
  18. Yeah, I legit thought I was browsing here for a sec once, and wondered why the forum theme had changed. lol
  19. The 3080 FTW3 cards are having a lot of strange issues, which is why there are a bunch of beta BIOSes for the card. Also, I have enough saved for the XC3 hybrid, and I don't know if it'll cover the extra $30 for the FTW3 hybrid if I end up having to deal with RMAs. I am on the notify list for it as well though. Not according to Google at least... Sadly too generalized for what I'm looking for. Also, the ratings for the hybrid cooler cards are conjecture based, as he only links reviews for the air-cooled versions. Yeah, but it's not a review of the cards... If it was, it
  20. That really doesn't help much though, as the FTW3 is a very different design from the XC3. XC3 only has 2 8-pin power connectors, the FTW3 has 3.
  21. Looks like the hybrid XC3's haven't had any units shipped since December... At least according to the spreadsheet. The FTW's have regular shipments though.
  22. I certainly hope so... Would suck to get it, and find out the entire line has egregious power spike issues.
  23. So, I'm in "line" for an EVGA RTX 3080 XC3 Ultra Hybrid Gaming, but I can't find any 3rd party reviews of the card. Am I just getting the worst Google results of my life, or is nobody reviewing this variant? Do I really need to be the first to provide a review off the EVGA site for the card?
  24. So it changed between the previous version of the PSU Tier List and this one?