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Low Stress HTPC VR Setup

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi All,


WIll be purchasing an Oculus Rift S as our family christmas present this year so i can stop "borrowing" the setup from work :)


I have a more than well enough speced PC to atach it all to (i7, 2080ti) and the plan is to set it all up as a HTPC setup on my main TV. 


To make it all as easy as possible I am looking for advice on how to set it all up for as little stress as possible. Ideally just power on the PC, auto logon and open up oculus home or steam VR. Does anyone havea setup like this? I have steam VR, Vive Port and and Oculus account. Is there any easy way to switch between all these, avoiding mouse and keyboard as much as possible, especially to make it easy for my kids to use.


I have been googling around but all the info is about building and seting up the hardware, not the software.



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Posted · Original PosterOP

My ideal scenario would be to boot the system up, put the headset on and be in an environment the user can launch anything they want from there. Be great if there is no need to use the TV if not required so someone else could be using it for console gaming or netflix


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