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What should my Ethernet access point be connected to?

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So my home's Internet access is in a pretty weird situation. The router is downstairs, but my PC is upstairs. I can't really wire an Ethernet cable up like that (I just can't) so I am currently using an Ethernet adapter that connects to the Wi-Fi and adapts it to an Ethernet cable connected to my PC.


Recently I bought a Wi-Fi range extender and set that up near my PC. What I was wondering was whether or not I should switch my Ethernet adapter's connection from my router to the nearer Wi-Fi extender/access point.


This might a dumb question but I'm still relatively new to networking as a whole.

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I don't really understand what you are saying. But this is the options for you:


ROUTER -> Wifi extender -> PC - Wifi dongle / card.

ROUTER -> Power Line Ethernet -> PC (ethernet)


Depending on the house powerline wire installation, you might be better with a PoE bridge.

Image result for poe adapter

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